Tribal Art Cross Stitch

My Wall of Tribal Art Cross Stitch.
I really like these patterns, simple but complex.
I will keep adding to the wall as I find more patterns.
Some patterns are available thru description links.

Tribal Cat

Tribal Crab

Tribal Baby Feet

Stanley the Tribal Starfish

Tribal Lobster

Tribal Sand Dollar

Tribal Seahorse

Tribal Wine Glass

Tribal Pumpkin

Tribal Rooster

Tribal Giraffe

Tribal Butterfly

Tribal Hen

Tribal Santa Hat

Tribal Cauldron

Tribal Manatee

Tribal Kokopelli

Tribal Dolphin

Tribal Elephant

Tribal Octopus

Tribal Orca

Tribal Shamrock

Tribal Dragonfly

Tribal Tree

Tribal Penguin

Tribal Pig

Tribal Dragon

Tribal Panda

Tribal Coffee

Tribal Conch Shell

Tribal Horse

Tribal Scallop Shell

Tribal Witch Hat

Tribal Cow Skull

Tribal Stingray

Tribal Teapot

Tribal Skull

Tribal Fish

Tribal Flamingo

Tribal Humpback Whale

Tribal Turtle

Tribal Bat

Tribal Martini

Tribal Otter

Tribal Hippo

Tribal Betta

Tribal Ferret

Tribal Sheep

Tribal White Rhino

Tribal Champagne

Tribal Clef

Tribal Phoenix

Tribal Phoenix II

Tribal White Tiger

Tribal Moon

Tribal Mouse

Tribal Snail Shell

Tribal Sperm Whale

Tribal Pilgrim Hat

Tribal Basset Hound

Tribal Chihuahua

Tribal Frog

Tribal Owl

Tribal Salamander

Tribal Reindeer

Tribal Gingerbread Man

Tribal Daiquiri

Tribal Acorn

Tribal Lion

Tribal Whitetail Doe

Tribal Black Widow

Tribal Camel

Tribal Chimpanzee

Tribal Beer

Tribal Beluga

Tribal Music

Tribal Lipstick

Tribal Cappuccino

Tribal Lion 2

Tribal Maple Leaf

Tribal Patterns