Fairy Cross Stitch Chart Patterns

Fairy Cross Stitch Chart Patterns. A great combination of fairies and flowers, there are nice patterns that come with color charts. There is a printable chart with all of the patterns to use.
Print Here - A google document.

Fairy Cross Stitch Chart Patterns

Bunny Rabbit Cross Stitch Patterns

Bunny Rabbit Cross Stitch Patterns. This is a small collection of rabbit themed cross stitch from across the web. I have added a printable google document with all the patterns. It's probably just easiest to select the page you want and print it only, unless you want to print the all of the patterns.
Hope you enjoy!
Free Printable for all the patterns Here<<

Hello Kitty Cross Stitch

Hello Kitty is a popular stitch among young and old a like. These are some I have found on google, there is a simple guide to help choose the colors, but I think you can select almost anything you like to make it your own creation. When I have time, I will create individual pages so you can print out the ones you like, but I ran out of time and didn't get to it yet. So I'll post and create pages later.
Thanks for sharing,

I didn't have time to turn them into individual pages so you could print them out, but as time permits I will do try and get to it. But I figured better to make them available now.

Christmas Cross Stitch Patterns

Christmas cross stitch patterns with printables. The printables a link below each photograph are in a google document format and will open in a new window for printing.

House Door Hanger Printable Here <<

Two Cross Stitch Christmas Ornaments Printable Here <<

Simple Snowflake and Tree Cross Stitch Printable Here <<

Window Shopping Cross Stitch Printable Here <<

Enjoy Christmas themed cross stitch patterns.