101 Cat Cross Stitches

101 Cat Cross Stitches plus there source their suppliers. Click on cross stitch title to be taken to the source, if they have one.
Squatter's Rights
(by Richard Shaw)
Listen, kitten,
Get this clear,
This is my chair.
I sit here.
Okay, kitty,
We can share;
When I'm not home,
It's your chair.
Listen cat
How about
If I use it
When you're out?
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Kitty with Presents 2
Let's Purr

Le Chat Noir

Let's be friends
Blue eyed persian
Cat Sampler
Cat's On Quilts
Cat Nap Quilts

Blue Eye's

Kitten and Mittens

Butterscotch Kitten
You and Me by The Sea

Kitty Trick or Treat
Sun On Both Sides
Tiger's Eye Cat

Lace Kitten
Kitty Cat's Galore
Snow Cat
Grey Puma
Bandana Kitty
Ginger Cat
Good Things Wedding
Kitten In A Tea Cup
Kitten In Winter Window
Cat in the Moon
Blue Eye's Tiger
Kitten In the Summer Window
Sampler Aux Chats
Feathered Friends
Walking The Cat
Spring Cat Sampler
Napping Kitten
Three Bird Watcher
Furry Friends
Black Cat
Christmas Cat
Grey Tabby

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